# Introduction

The FunFair Wallet is the only white-label wallet service, which is secure, user-focused, and built for seamless integration into third-party apps, in any browser and on any device.

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# Features include:

  • A Wallet built for B2B. Keep your users in your ecosystem with no need to sign up externally to a third-party wallet.
  • A community of dApps under one Wallet through single sign-on, increasing your ROI potential.
  • Complex web 3.0 processes are provided, delivered behind recognisable web 2.0 usability.
  • Straightforward security processes through 2FA, account recovery, and export.
  • Your users keep complete control of their funds. No exceptions. A seamless transition between your dApp and your Wallet thanks to customisable key design elements.
  • Global KYC partners provided with parameters configurable to your legal and marketing needs.

In summary, our Wallet adapts to your needs. We’ve built it to be flexible for your dApp to use how you see fit.

Enabling you to quickly and effectively deliver your users with a wallet experience that works for them and you.

Please follow this documentation to show how you can integrate the FunFair wallet within your dApp.